As specialists in the recruitment field, THAJA RECRUITMENT is geared to ensure that The THAJA RECRUITMENT’s VISION and VALUES are achieved through the recruitment of the right people.

Our recruitment process includes the latest international best practices to ensure:

  • that your company makes the right hire
  • reduces attrition
  • increases productivity
  • increases profitability

THAJA RECRUITMENT has dedicated much of its resources to developing a sound recruitment methodology, and the success of our methodology lies in the following:

  • A highly skilled recruitment team
  • Sound recruitment and selection processes
  • Extensive national databases and networks
  • An intense desire to have an intimate understanding of the client as an organization as well as their human capital requirements
  • The ability to structure selection assessments to ensure that only ideal candidates are referred to the client

THAJA RECRUITMENT is confident of its ability to assist companies in making the right hire through implementing sound principles. Research has shown that there are three components that influence the performance of an employee. These components consist of company fit, skills match and job fit. By ensuring that a candidate meets the three components one is able to ensure that there is a higher degree of certainty that the candidate will perform in an organization.

THAJA RECRUITMENT uses these components in our selection process.

  • Company Fit refers to the degree to which the candidate’s attitudes, values, ethics fits the company’s culture.
  • Skills Match looks at to what degree the candidate’s educational background, technical skills, previous job experience and specific expertise match what is required for the position.
  • Job Fit refers to the degree to which the candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality structure and interest fit what is required by the position.


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